Debt recovery services

Contract number: DR8410-2015
Contract expiry: 28 August 2021
Extensions available: none
Contact Us:
Contract engagement: Direct supplier engagement. Details on pricing are uploaded onto VendorPanel.

Scope of contract: Provision of high-quality debt recovery services.

Recovery services include but are not limited to, collection in the areas of:

  • council rates
  • general and sundry debts
  • unpaid registrations for food and health
  • failure to vote at council elections
  • outstanding mechanical service bills
  • special charges – street construction
  • child and aged care
  • council asset protection management
  • council parking infringements
  • animal infringements.


Midstate CreditCollect

Midstate CreditCollect logoAddress: 31 Grey Street, Traralgon VIC 3844
Contact: Linda Spiteri
Phone: 03 5174 7011
Website: ​

We provide debt collection and credit management services.

ML+C Collections

ML+C Collections logoAddress: Tower Two, Level 25, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne Docklands VIC 3008
Contact: Penny Lyall
Phone: 03 9258 3504

ML+C provide services in all aspects of debt recovery for local government. We specialise in local government debt collection from the initial letter of demand through to Section 181 sales if required. We can also tailor a non-legal process to enable you to collect lower debt amounts. We understand that councils wish to treat their ratepayers as customers and we do the same when dealing with any ratepayer or customer.

Recoveries and Reconstruction

Recoveries and Reconstruction logoAddress: Suite 2, 93 Watton Street, Werribee VIC 3030
Contact: Peter Horne
Phone: 1300 556 863

R&R specialises in local government. Peter Horne heads up our Victorian team of local government specialists.

Key strengths include our focus (clientele is 100% local government), price (cost neutral with no charge for pre-legal work, letters, phone calls, SMS, email, business searches, title searches, relocations, re-attempted services, court appearances), IT (world-class web application saving council between 15 to 30 hours a week), efficiency (same-day service, all work is done in-house), results (guarantee 90 per cent collection rate within 12 months, 80 per cent complaints served within 4 days), and ethics and compliance (accountable to the highest possible industry standards).