Contract number: EC8310-2018-EL

Large Sites

Buildings & Facilities generally >160MWh p.a. and large unmetered public lighting, with GreenPower option
Contract Expiry: 31 December 2020
Supplier: ERM Power

Small Sites

Tariff sites, generally < 160MWh p.a.
Contract expiry: 30 June 2021
Supplier: AGL Energy

Contract number: EC8310-2017-EL

Small Tariff Sites (Tariff sites, generally <160MWh p.a.)
Contract expiry: 30 June 2020
Supplier: Origin Energy

Contact Us: contracts@mav.asn.au
Contract engagement: Access to the electricity contracts will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the retailers as these are committed volume agreements.