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Energy Efficient Street Lighting Installation Project Management Services

Contract Number: SL8010
Contract expiry: 30 March 2022
Extensions available: 1 x 1 year (30 March 2023)
Contract manager: Contact Us:
Contract engagement: Direct supplier engagement. Please contact MAV’s Procurement team through to obtain pricing details.
Scope of contract: Energy efficient street lighting installation project management.


Ironbark Sustainability

Ironbark Sustainability logo Address: Suite 8, Level 2 70-80 Wellington Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
Contact: Alexi Lynch
Phone: 1300 288 262

As a specialist local government consultancy, Ironbark supports councils to manage their operations more sustainably from technical and financial analysis, maintenance and implementation experience. We have worked with over 250 Australian local governments on sustainable asset management projects in the fields of street lighting, energy & water auditing and energy efficiency technologies and management. Ironbark also supports clients to manage community emissions through data analysis and providing tools that support decision making, planning and stakeholder engagement.