Incident management systems

Contract number: ME4315
Contract expiry: 30 June 2022
Extensions available: None
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Contract engagement: Direct supplier engagement. Details on pricing are uploaded onto VendorPanel.
Scope of contract: Crisisworks is an Incident management system that provides a cost-effective IT system for Victorian councils to use in emergency management. Crisisworks also supports councils in establishing emergency relief centres and initiating the provision of recovery services for the community at an early stage.


Datalink Internet Systems

Datalink Internet Systems logoAddress: Ground Floor, 555 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: Peter Kakris
Phone: 03 9020 2922

Datalink is an innovator with over 15 years of experience in creating and supporting powerful industry-leading internet applications and mobile apps. In June 2011, the MAV purchased Datalink's Incident Response software, now called Crisisworks. Crisisworks is a suite of cloud based tools for emergency managers used by over 70 Australian councils and hundreds of emergency agencies. Crisisworks provides enhanced coordination, communication, situational awareness and resilience across all phases including planning, preparedness, response and recovery. Crisisworks has expanded to incorporate additional state projects including Post Impact Assessment and Recovery, Vulnerable Persons Registers, Fire Prevention Register and CommunityView.