Mobile garbage bins

Contract number: NPN1.11-3
Contract expiry: 31 August 2021
Extensions available: 2 x 1 years
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Contract engagement: When partied to contract an RFQ must be raised on VendorPanel.
Scope of contract: Supply and delivery of the following:

  • plastic mobile garbage bins (MGBs), non-mandatory sizes
  • MGB spare parts
  • industrial containers
  • static compactors (including balers) and lifters
  • spare parts and accessories to suit industrial containers, compactors and lifters
  • other bins
  • spare parts and accessories for other bins
  • RFID technology and accessories for waste collection operations
  • range of services
  • other bins and waste products.


Biobag World Australia

Biobag World Australia logo Address: 65-73 Nantilla Road, Clayton North VIC 3168
Contact: Scott Morton
Phone: 08 7132 0525

BioBag offers a range of sustainable solutions for better environmental outcomes – from certified compostable food storage bags to kitchen compost caddies, bin liners and agricultural mulch film. BioBag products stop waste from being created in the first place. We help turn waste into valuable resources and ensure plastic does not end up in the environment or even in a landfill.

Bucher Municipal

Bucher Municipal logoAddress: 65-73 Nantilla Road, Clayton North VIC 3168
Contact: Warrick Grime
Phone: 03 8558 3600

Bucher Municipal is one of the five core divisions of the global industrial group Bucher industries. In Australia, Burcher Municipal is the leading provider of equipment to the waste industry and boasts an impressive product range which includes the UrBin 2 Rear Loader, FORCE Front Loader, Gen V Series Side Loader, CN101 Sub Compact Sweeper, CN201 Compact Sweeper, CX400 Compact Sweeper, VS651 and VT651 Truck Mounted Vaccume Sweepers, RT655 Regenerative Air Road Sweeper, the BEAM Range of industrial and Airport Sweepers and the MacaPak Static Compactor. Every Burcher Municipal machine is application engineered, manufactured in Victoria and supperted by a passionate after sales support team that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.


Easyquip logoAddress: 135 Firmins Lane, Morwell VIC 3840
Contact: Jeff Grace
Phone: 03 5134 5255

Easyquip specialises in the manufacture of industrial waste bins and associated products. For over 20 years we have supplied the waste collection industry in Australia with all types of bins including front lift bins, hook lift bins, Marell skip bins, crane bins and more. We also supply plastic lids for front lift bins, castors and other components and our patented Easybin plastic front lift bins.

G. James Extrusion Co t/a Gossi Street & Park Furniture

Gossi logo Address: 11082 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm QLD 4009
Contact: Mark Sands (Branch Manager)
Phone: 07 3877 2856

We are a product based company offering a wide range that have been designed specifically with target market needs, manufacturing procedure and longevity in mind. Gossi offers an extensive range of products available in both standard form & with variation

Innovative Waste Solutions

Innovative Waste Solutions logoAddress: 12 Pike Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Contact: David Calleija
Phone: 02 9544 7444

Innovative Waste Solutions is a waste equipment manufacturer. Our range of products includes heavy duty hook lift bins, recycling compactors, tipper bodies and new container sales.

Mastec Australia

Mastec Australia logoAddress: 19 Watervale Drive, Green Fields SA 5107
Contact: Peter Donnell
Phone: 03 9798 0888

Mastec Australia proudly remains a 100 per cent Australian family-owned and operated business over the past decade – thanks to a combination of product development and high-tech manufacturing capability. Mastec has become one of the country's leading manufacturers and suppliers of MGBs (wheelie bins), such as the 80, 120, 140, 240 and 360 litre and four-wheel bins both 660 and 1100 litre, compact kitchen organics bins (vented and non-vented) and compostable bags. The underlying business philosophy of Mastec is to provide our customers with high quality products that are built to last, innovative solutions that improve efficiency and streamline operations; and a high level of customer service and support.

OTTO Environmental Systems

OTTO Environmental Systems logoAddress: 40 Norman Street, Peakhurst NSW 2210
Contact: Darren Goh
Phone: 02 9153 9666

The OTTO Group has been in the business of waste management for well over six decades and over this time, has distinguished herself as being one of the few truly global players, able to provide total and comprehensive waste management solution systems.

Present in all continents, the OTTO Group, together with her affiliates and associates; have been successfully providing waste container storage systems inclusive of up-to-date State-of-the-art waste management equipment to cater for the demands of the environment industry.

Today we remain focused and continue to supply high quality products and services to municipalities as well as to commercial and industrial companies across the Asia Pacific regions. Headquarter in Europe; OTTO has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Eastern Europe, USA and Asia. With her overseas HQ for ASIA in Singapore, she oversees the operations in South-east Asia, Far-east Asia, China, India &, Middle-East continents.

OTTO Group developed a wide range of wheeled containers, product adaptations and unique features, tailored to fulfill the market needs today and in the future. Naturally, all our products are tried-and-tested and comply with the highest national and international standards on quality. OTTO Group offers you a full range of 2 and 4 wheel containers from 240 to 1,100 liters. Our products can be used in combination with all standard collection and lifting technologies, like DIN & AFNOR, but are also suitable to be used in combination with Side Loaders or Front Loaders..

Rowland Engineering

Rowland Engineering logoAddress: 14 Demand Avenue, Arunde, QLD 4214
Contact: Sean Monaghan
Mobile: 0404 641 369

Solar Bins Australia

Solar Bins Australia logoAddress: 91 Commercial Road, Teneriffe QLD 4006
Contact: Silke Stolze
Phone: 1300 893 610

Solar Bins Australia has a vision of a World without Waste. We aim to be a leader in sustainable, Smart Waste solutions for all Australians. Our focus as a business is based on delivering cost effective waste management solutions for facilities management companies, councils, governments and mining companies.

Source Separations Systems

Source Separation Systems logo Address: 108 Munibung Road, Boolaroo NSW 2284
Contact: Peter Cruwys
Phone: 02 4953 7644

Suppliers of waste and recycling bins, compostable bio bags, public place waste infrastructure. Residential delivery services available for the distribution of systems to local government regions.

SULO MGB Australia

SULO MGB Australia logoAddress: 12 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby NSW 2250
Contact: John Kernahan
Phone: 02 4348 8131

SULO Australia operates one of the largest plastic injection moulding plants in Australasia at Somersby, on the Central Coast of NSW. The SULO facility is one of the most highly automated injection moulding plants in Australia and is famous for the manufacture of wheelie bins. SULO has delivered in excess of 12 million mobile garbage bins (MGBs) into the Australian market and maintains its position as market leader based on its significant production and delivery capabilities together with innovation and quality. SULO supplies a range of quality waste management products including wheelie bins, related accessories, recycling stations and public place collection solutions and has also developed a whole-of-life solution which brings together a range of products, services and end-of-life recycling designed to meet the complete needs of the waste industry.

Trident Plastics

Trident Plastics logoAddress: 589 Torrens Road, St Clair SA 5011
Contact: Peter Jones
Phone: 08 8444 6226

Trident Plastics is a plastic injection moulding company specialising in custom moulding for our clients in waste management, defence, air conditioning and niche automotive industries. We manufacture a range of MGBs utilised within councils, waste management organisations and within hardware stores throughout Australia. 120, 140 and 240 litre MGBss are certified to AS4123 by SAI Global Licence No SMK40411.

Viscount Plastics

Viscount Plastics logo Address: 5-12 Mills Road, Braeside VIC 3195
Contact: Kellie Brunetto
Phone: 02 8796 2208

Viscount Plastics is a leading innovative packaging, supply chain and logistics solutions provider. Viscount Plastics services customers across the Asia Pacific region providing packaging, materials handling, water harvesting and industrial product solutions and applications to various end user and consumer markets. Viscount Plastics is a market leader within the Asia Pacific region in rigid plastic containers, food packaging, plastic materials handling and lubricant packaging.

Waste Initiatives

Waste Initiatives logoAddress: 48 Magpie Street, Singleton, NSW 2330
Contact: Craig Hawkins
Phone: 02 6570 3300

Waste & Recycling Equipment suppliers to all states & territories of Australia. Specialise in balers, compactors, shredders, timber grinders, timber compactors, drum crushers, polystyrene (eps) compactors.