Web content management system

Contract number: CM4323-2015
Contract expiry: 30 October 2021
Extensions available: None
Contact Us: contracts@mav.asn.au
Contract engagement: Direct supplier engagement. Details on pricing are uploaded onto VendorPanel.
Scope of contract: Web content management system, intranet, extranet, online forms, user generated content, event pages, etc.



OpenCities logoAddress: Level 8, 50 Market Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: Alex Gelbak
Phone: 03 9913 0020
Email: alex@opencities.com
Website: www.opencities.com

OpenCities is a leading provider of content management software (CMS) and services to Australian local government. We specialise in eGovernment strategy, website and intranet development, WCAG AA accessibility compliance. Our CMS technology powers hundreds of local and state government sites across Australia and New Zealand.


Address: 123/838 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008
Contact: Owen Windsor (Managing Director)
Phone: 03 8352 4431
Mobile: 0421 585 518
Email: owen@symbiote.com.au
Website: www.symbiote.com.au

Symbiote are open-source content management developers.


Squiz logoAddress: 12 Gipps Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
Contact: RaeJean Pearce, Global head of Government)
Email: rjpearce@squiz.net
SQUIZ Tenders Team: tenders-apac@squiz.net
Website: www.squiz.net

Squiz drive digital transformation, designed to provide your customers with engaging experiences that deliver outstanding business outcomes.

In a market where not many organisations deliver all the elements of design, business and technology, we do! Since the creation of our first ever CMS, the landscape of marketing and technology has evolved. So have we.

Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline, and to stay ahead, marketing teams must engage capabilities. So we've evolved our products and services to not just empower your marketing team, but your entire business.