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Do councils have to use MAV Procurement?

Councils don't have to use us as an agent. Appointing us means a council can use our contract, but the final decision about whether to use that supplier is still up to them.

What are the benefits for councils?

Councils will benefit from:

  • greater cost savings are delivered by aggregating expenditure
  • being able to ensure probity and minimal risk through our fair and transparent procurement process while complying with the Local Government Act 1989
  • reduced council administration and tendering costs; most work is carried out by MAV Procurement
  • innovative technology tools that help simplify purchases
  • professional development opportunities and capacity building
  • contracts managed by MAV Procurement for the life of that contract.

What is the tender process?

  • Step 1: Identify opportunity
  • Step 2: Send agency appointment to councils
  • Step 3: Develop the procurement plan
  • Step 4: Prepare draft tender documents
  • Step 5: Distribute draft documents to councils for review
  • Step 6: Notify the market about the procurement
  • Step 7: Evaluate tender submissions
  • Step 8: Select successful suppliers
  • Step 9: Contract management.

How do councils determine what products or services go to tender?

Councils must go to tender if the provision of goods and services exceed $150,000 over a contract term. Councils don’t need to go to tender on their own if they appoint us as their agent. Individual council procurement policies may vary.

How are tenders evaluated?

Our tenders are evaluated by council officers who work in the area relevant to the tender. This allows those buying the goods or services to determine the outcome. We are committed to conducting all processes in a transparent manner. Having council staff involved in the tender process ensures probity and good governance.

How do I contact suppliers?

Council officers can obtain supplier contact details via the relevant contract from the contracts page.

What is VendorPanel?

MAV Procurement utilise an online contracts management and e-quote tool called VendorPanel.

It enables councils to log in and view contract and supplier information, and allows you to quickly and easily raise, evaluate and award quotes online.

VendorPanel also provides councils with access to supplier compliance details (e.g. insurance certificates), pricing and templates relating to our contracts.

What do I use VendorPanel for?

VendorPanel is used to raise a request for quote (RFQ) online.

When purchasing under the following contracts, it is compulsory to raise an RFQ on VendorPanel:

  • Earth Moving and Material Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Garbage Bins
  • Motor Vehicles - Passenger and Light Commercial
  • Park and Playground Equipment
  • Road and Bridge Making Equipment
  • Small Plant and Machinery
  • Telecommunications (Requirement for Category B, optional for Category A)
  • Truck Bodies and Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Tyres & Batteries (Bulk Purchases Only).

For others it is simply a portal where councils can see information on the contract, have access to compliance information, supplier details and contacts:

  • After Hours Call Service
  • Asphalt
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Corporate Wardrobe
  • Debt Recovery Services
  • Demographic Resources
  • Electricity
  • Fuels and Lubricants
  • Incident Management System
  • IT Policy System
  • Library Materials
  • Marketing Services
  • Microsoft Software
  • Natural Gas
  • Office Supplies
  • Records Storage and Imaging Services
  • Recruitment Services
  • Street Lighting
  • VMWare Enterprise
  • Work wear and Personal Protective Apparel.

VendorPanel is also used to obtain all contract information including expiry date, supplier contact details, category lists, price lists and compliance certificates.

How do I raise an RFQ?

If you are unfamiliar with how to raise a quote on VendorPanel, please see our VendorPanel user guides:

How can I register to use VendorPanel in my council?

To register your council to access VendorPanel please contact the Procurement team.

If your council already has access to VendorPanel and you would like to be registered as a buyer, please contact your council's account administrator to request an invite to the system.

If you are unsure who the administrator is at your council, please contact the Procurement team.

How can I organise training for my council to use VendorPanel?

If your council would like VendorPanel training to be conducted at your offices, please contact our Business Relationships Manager Steve Downs.

How does my council access all contracts?

To gain access to MAV contracts please download our contracts access request form (PDF - 250KB) and return to

Once we have received this, a MAV Procurement staff member will update your access to contract panels. You will see a refreshed list of contracts/panels on your homepage under 'Supplier List Access'.

Please remember this is not a tender. The MAV Procurement team has already completed all the hard work for you.

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