STEP Asset Management & Financial Sustainability Program

Improving asset management support for Councils

The MAV STEP Asset Management and Financial Sustainability Program supported Councils from 2002 in their continuing journey to achieve positive outcomes for the services they deliver to their communities.

The asset management landscape is changing, with new statutory, policy and technological opportunities and challenges emerging.  In the context of declining participation in the STEP program and considering feedback from a survey of Councils in 2019 the program has concluded.

Feedback from councils supported MAV having a role in asset management, but further work with the sector was required to identify how we can best support councils in the current environment. The MAV remains keen to hear more from councils about where we should invest our time and effort in asset management.

Work is currently underway to develop a new approach to support Council’s manage their assets and deliver services and further updates will be provided as the new program is developed.