Our vision is for MAV WorkCare to be the workers’ compensation provider of choice to Victoria’s local government sector.

The MAV WorkCare scheme was established in 2017 to provide Victorian local government access to sector specific, tailored services and support.

We are committed to working with our members to improve workplace health, safety, wellbeing and quality of life outcomes for members’ employees experiencing workplace injury or illness.

Under our mutual model, capital is reinvested back into the scheme to benefit our members.

The MAV WorkCare scheme currently has 30 member organisations across Victoria.

Our scheme so far

Since its foundation, MAV WorkCare and our members have achieved significant results, with a particular focus on workplace health and safety and return to work (RTW).

Work completed to date includes:

  • a panel of service providers that understand our sector
  • extensive OHS materials and tools
  • networking, engagement and training opportunities for the benefit of members across the state
  • a dynamic online portal for our members - with live updates
  • a comprehensive RTW framework, tailored to the needs of local government.

WorkCare services

Services provided are:

  • OHS improvement services comprising:
    • change management leadership, coaching and support
    • OHS training related to the implementation of the OHS Improvement Program
    • regular member forums and workshops held in city and regional locations
    • access to Regional Risk Consultants (RRCs).
    • strategic and technical OHS advice and coaching for leadership and OHS staff
    • auditing and reporting.
  • A local government OHS management system comprising:
    • model procedures
    • templates
    • plans
    • checklists
    • guidance notes
    • programs focused on OHS Prevention programs that are tailored to address specific OHS issues, trends and events across the membership, as well as regular news and industry updates.
  • Claims management services that include:
    • end-to-end claims management aimed at early intervention, sound injury management and sustainable return to work
    • exclusive and contemporary Members Centre
    • Legal, Private Investigation and Occupational Rehabilitation and Independent Medical Examination services via a dedicated panel of providers
    • scheme-specific training programs focused on claims management and return to work.

Engage with us

To find out more about the MAV WorkCare scheme please contact the MAV WorkCare team.

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