MAV WorkCare is a division of the Municipal Association of Victoria which was established to manage a self-insured workers’ compensation scheme for the Victorian local government sector. The MAV WorkCare Self-insurance Workers Compensation Scheme is made up of 30 members from across the sector.

WorkCare member benefits

Benefits of MAV WorkCare membership include:

  • sustained and measurable improvements in workplace safety
  • lower costs to councils through reductions in the incidence of avoidable injuries
  • effectively and appropriately managed claims
  • optimal return to work initiatives and programs.

WorkCare services

Services provided are:

  • A 3-Year OHS Improvement Program comprising of:
    • change management leadership, coaching and support
    • OHS training related to the implementation of the OHS Improvement Program
    • regular member forums and workshops held in city and regional locations
    • access to Regional Risk Consultants (RRCs).
    • strategic and technical OHS advice and coaching for leadership and OHS staff
    • auditing and reporting.
  • A local government OHS management system comprising of:
    • model procedures
    • templates
    • plans
    • checklists
    • guidance notes
    • programs focused on OHS Prevention programs that are tailored to address specific OHS issues, trends and events across the membership, as well as regular news and industry updates.
  • Claims management services that include:
    • end-to-end claims management aimed at early intervention, sound injury management and sustainable return to work
    • exclusive and contemporary Members Centre
    • Legal, Private Investigation and Occupational Rehabilitation and Independent Medical Examination services via a dedicated panel of providers
    • scheme-specific training programs focused on claims management and return to work.

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To find out more about joining, contact our WorkCare team.

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