About us

The MAV was established in 1879 to protect the interests and rights of local government.

In 1907, the Parliament of Victoria passed the Municipal Association Act, officially recognising the MAV as the voice for local government in the state.

Our purpose

To protect and promote the democratic status, autonomy and efficient carrying out of local government for the benefit of Victorian communities.

Our role

As the recognised voice for local government, our role is to:

  • represent and advocate for local government interests
  • build the capacity of Victorian councils
  • facilitate effective networks
  • initiate policy development and advice
  • support councillors
  • promote the role of local government.

Our services include

  • specialist policy advice and information
  • councillor development opportunities
  • insurance protection including risk, legal and claims advice
  • workers’ compensations scheme
  • sector development
  • CEO performance appraisal and recruitment advice
  • governance support
  • collaborative procurement.

Further information

Engage with us

For any enquiries please contact us:

Phone: (03) 9667 5555
Email: inquiries@mav.asn.au
Fax: (03) 9667 5550
ABN: 24326561315

For more contact information, refer to our Contact us page.