Our performance

In 2017-18, Victorian councils contributed $3 million in membership subscriptions to the MAV. For the fourth year in a row, the MAV has helped to unlock more than $400 million in member service benefits including:

Tools and Resources

New tools and resources

The following MAV tools and resources helped councils to provide best practice services to local communities:

  • VIC COUNCILS: Vic Councils website showcases the work and services of local government in Victoria
  • LEAP PROCUREMENT: 33 councils participate in Leap Procurement continuous improvement program identifying cost savings, collaborative and shared service opportunities
  • Open Data: Open Council Data toolkit assists 40 Victorian councils to increase publishing of open data
  • Statewide Library Management system: Expansion of the Statewide LIBRARY management system, 50% of councils now participating
  • MAVHACK: Inaugural MAVHACK event introduces councils to design thinking for collaborative outcomes
  • ICT database: Roll out of Infobase international ICT database which stores, compares and reports on IT systems, products, services and suppliers.


New funding

Advocacy by the MAV helped to increase funding for councils to provide community services:

  • Rural & Regional Local Roads: Secured $100m for management of rural and regional local roads, $100 million value to councils
  • Recycling: Support package util 30 June $12 million value to councils
  • School crossings: Secured 20 per cent increase for supervisor program, $18.9 million value to councils
  • Transformation: New funding for a rural councils transformation program $20 million value to councils
  • Kindergartens: $100m operational funding for 15 hours per week until the end of 2019, plus $43m capital funding for early learning facilities $143 million value to councils


New efficiencies

MAV-led collaboration and innovation help councils to provide more efficient community services:

  • Cost Savings: Cost savings achieved by all 79 Victorian councils who are accessing one or more of 16 contracts offered by MAV Procurement.
  • Teleconferencing: Introduced Zoom teleconferencing to maximise council member participation in events.
  • Child Development Information System: 80% of councils are now using the MAV’s Child Development Information System (CDIS) to better manage family data and monitor at-risk children.
  • Centralised Annual Property Valuation: $8 million per annum savings to councils through a centralised annual property valuation model.
  • MAV Events and Training Programs: More than 90 MAV events and training programs are attended by more than 7,150 delegates from MAV member councils.

Partnerships and Agreements

New partnerships and agreements

MAV representation provides councils with a stronger voice to negotiate on behalf of local communities.

  • MAV Workcare: Workers' compensation Self-Insurance Mutual Scheme commences.
  • Linked In: Linked In partnership helps more than 30 councils to promote careers in local government to address key employment issues for councils.
  • State Emergency Service: Memorandum of Understanding signed for the State to fund our State Emergency Service.
  • Department of Education: Renewed a five-year partnership agreement with the Department of Education.
  • Cladding and Recycling Taskforces: Represented sector interests on cladding & recycling taskforces.
  • Act and Rules: Influenced reviews of the Local Government Act and the Municipal Association Act and Rules.

Annual reports

To see past performance, see our annual reports.