MAV Insurance

Liability mutual insurance

Our Liability Mutual Insurance scheme offers members public and products liability, professional indemnity, risk management services and legal advice.

The scheme strikes a balance between relatively inexpensive self-insurance and the peace of mind that comes from being backed up by more than 15 international reinsurers.

Levels of coverage

Councils and other authorities are covered for public and products liability up to $400 million. Water authorities are covered for up to $500 million.

All members are covered for professional liability up to $300 million.

To keep reinsurance costs and therefore member contributions down, 50 per cent of all claims under $1 million are covered by capital held in the scheme.

All claims attract an excess.

Large claims are covered by reinsurance sought from third-party insurers. Reinsurance also covers the scheme when the cumulated value of small claims in one year exceeds $14.5 million.

Value for money

MAV Insurance continues to deliver its members value for money.

Over the last ten years our premiums have reduced by 0.64 per cent each year in real terms. This is equivalent to a 2.4 per cent increase each year for ten years before adjusting for inflation.

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