Policy & advocacy

We initiate policy development and advice to councils, and advocate local government interests across a broad range of council areas of responsibility.

We establish networks of council working groups and committees to inform our policy work, and have Board Advisory Committees.

We produce submissions and reports on behalf of the local government sector, and publish a range of information and resources to build the capacity of councils and support their delivery of services to local communities.

We also work closely with other levels of government to establish productive partnership agreements where local government has a shared service delivery responsibility.

We have developed a policy framework that documents key policy positions across several areas:

COVID-19 Emergency

The Municipal Association of Victoria and Victoria's 79 councils are working hard to support their communities through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside their own rapid adjustment to the Victorian Government’s Emergency Directions, councils have continued to provide essential services necessary to the health, amenity and safety of their communities.

Visit our Councils’ response to COVID-19 webpage to see the many ways councils are supporting their communities through this crisis.

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