Transport & infrastructure

Current priorities

We represent Victorian councils, and advocate on their behalf, across a variety of important transport and infrastructure priorities. We are currently focused on:

  • Council asset management
  • Sustainable funding for local streets, roads and infrastructure
  • Active transport
  • Supporting innovative technologies and approaches to network management
  • Road safety
  • Freight.

MAV Transport Policy Statement

Infrastructure pressures survey results

In late 2022 we surveyed councils on the pressures they are facing in delivering infrastructure projects. The MAV infrastructure pressures summary report - Nov 2022 (PDF - 340KB) is the summary report of our findings.

We found that costs have rapidly risen and that responses to tender have weakened.

The pressures are contributed to by external factors, including ambitious infrastructure programs being delivered by other levels of government, and are likely to get worse before they get better.

Walking and Bike Riding Resource Hub

he MAV has partnered with VicHealth to address barriers and encourage behavioural change to get people moving in a safe and healthy way. Through our research, councils have told us they need more support particularly when walking and bike riding demands are increasing.

We’ve developed this hub to:

  • Share practical information with council officers to help them implement walking and bike riding projects, and
  • Improve the capability of local government to plan, design, deliver, activate and evaluate walking and bike riding projects.

Walking and Bike Riding Resource Hub


Active Transport

You can watch recordings of various active transport webinars we conducted in 2020 and 2021 at our Walking and Bike Riding Resource Hub.

Principal Freight Network Review - 17 August 2022

Presented in partnership with Freight Victoria, this webinar looked at current trends in managing urban freight and examined the potential use of urban freight consolidation centres to reduce impacts from increasing freight demands.

Principal Freight Network Webinar - 2 December 2020

You can watch the recording of the Principal Freight Network Review webinar held on 2 December 2020.

Electric Vehicles

You can review the presentations from electric vehicle webinars conducted in 2018, including:


Our submissions cover many areas of transport policy and investment including:

  • legislative reform
  • infrastructure planning
  • service delivery
  • funding.

Recent transport and infrastructure submissions include:

You can access all transport and infrastructure-related submissions on the MAV submissions page.

You can access briefing papers on the Transport and Infrastructure Members Only page.

Committees and working groups

We represent local government on a number of transport and infrastructure-related committees and working groups to advocate on behalf of councils, including:

  • Roads and Transport Advisory Committee (Australian Local Government Association)
  • Walking and Bike Riding Post COVID-19 Working Group
  • Metropolitan Transport Forum.

We coordinate a range of transport and infrastructure committees and working groups to help inform our work and build capacity within the sector, including:

  • MAV Freight Policy Working Group
  • MAV Transport and Infrastructure Forums.


MAV resources

You can access further MAV resources on the Members Only page.

You can access active transport resources on our Walking and Bike Riding Resource Hub.

External resources

Engage with us

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Senior Policy Adviser, Resilience & Community Infrastructure
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Walking and Bike Riding Resource Hub

The MAV has partnered with VicHealth to address barriers and encourage behavioural change to get people moving in a safe and healthy way.

Check out the Hub here

Heavy vehicle and freight management

Read about Heavy Vehicle and Freight Management