Strategic plans

MAV Strategic Plan 2024-2027

The MAV Strategic Plan 2024-2027 ‘Shaping our Future’ highlights how we will help Victorian councils innovate, adapt and thrive as we work to build a more resilient and sustainable Victoria.

The Plan is underpinned by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and includes the following enabling priorities, or areas of focus, to shape our actions:

  1. Active local democracy
  2. Connected places
  3. Health & wellbeing
  4. Sustainable economy
  5. FutureGen
  6. First Peoples local government relations
  7. Climate & regenerative design
  8. Diversity, equity & inclusion
  9. Resilience & recovery
  10. Intergenerational infrastructure

The MAV’s Strategic Plan 2024-2027 is an invitation for all stakeholders to join with us in a shared mission to shape a better Victoria.