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2022 Annual Report

In 2021-22, the MAV has delivered significant outcomes for our members. Between the Federal election, supporting communities and businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies as well as seeking to influence better policy and practice as the Victorian Government progresses its legislative reforms, it’s been a significant 12 months.

Members have benefited from our first year of actions of the 2021-25 MAV Strategy, which was designed to expand on our deliverables and build on sector capacity, engagement and resilience.

Our achievements delivering on the MAV Strategy priorities, our financial results and Board governance reports are all available below.

2021-22 Annual Report Summary

MAV Annual Report 2021-22 Summary Cover

2021-22 Financial Report

MAV Financial Report 2021-22 Cover

2021-22 MAV Board & Governance Reports

MAV Board & Governance Report 2021-22 cover

2021-22 MAV Occupational Health & Safety Report

MAV OH&S Report 2021-22 cover

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