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Councillor professional development program

One of the challenges that all councillors face is finding time for learning and development while managing a large workload. The MAV offers a range of professional development opportunities to assist councillors in their roles, and provide skills and shared experiences that enhance learning and understanding throughout the journey as a councillor.

MAV Training's councillor development program has been designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills to support councillors to perform their role as prescribed in the Local Government Act 1989.

Our councillor professional development training programs offers newly-elected and returning councillors, mayors and deputy mayors training pathways, with a range of training workshops, professional development programs and courses to choose from. These include non-accredited and accredited training, and working with established partners including the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and Swinburne University.

Councillor Development Calendar 2020

Our Councillor PD training schedule will be posted soon! We will also communicate the details to Governance officers and Councillor Support officers.

Councillor courses are outlined below:

Performing in the Role of a Councillor/Roles and Responsibilities of a Councillor

This unit focuses on teamwork and working effectively with council team members, the role in the community and expectations of the role of elected members as prescribed in the Local Government Act 1989. The workshop addresses required protocols, limitations, procedures and strategies that meet council and legislative requirements.

Decision-Making/Strategic Planning and Effective Meetings/Meeting Procedures

This unit identifies issues and issues management, explores risk management strategies and ethical decision-making, and the functions of council meeting procedures and legislative requirements. It examines meeting logistics, procedures and protocols, and also addresses community expectations and the development of methods to ensure strategic planning is fulfilling community expectations and the requirements of the Council Plan.

Understanding Council Finances

As a councillor in local government, navigating through and understanding the complex financial documents and reports is a challenging task. It is also difficult knowing the right questions to ask of officers when council is faced with critical financial decisions. Understanding council finances is ideal for new councillors wishing to understand their responsibilities in finances, and for those returning councillors wanting to refresh existing knowledge including recent changes to legislative arrangements.

Public Speaking

This program is designed to provide councillors and executives with the fundamental skills and knowledge to more effectively present and speak publicly. The program and facilitation is provided by Spruikit, a professional development and corporate training company, which has been working in local government for over 15 years and has been a MAV councillor development training provider for over five years.

Land Use Planning and Building

This unit is designed to equip councillors and council staff with an understanding of the practice and procedure involved in planning and building matters which are relevant to the exercise of functions by councils. Specifically, this program will assist councillors to understand their role in the planning and building approvals process.

Negotiation and Influencing Capabilities

By utilising a collaborative approach to address problems, parties can develop solutions and opportunities to achieve a wise outcome. Participants will develop the skills to look for solutions to a problem while allowing the negotiating parties to come to a meaningful agreement.

Managing Communications

Through completion of this workshop, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the role of communications and presenting your key message, strengthening communication within council and with external stakeholders, and improving presentation style across all platforms of communication.

Rapid Reading

This workshop will provide participants with tools and resources to address reading at speed, scanning and study skills techniques, memory techniques, and note taking techniques; supporting learners to correct bad habits and to improve overall retention of information.

Building Leadership

This fundamental leadership program uses presentations and activities to address characteristics of a good leader, leadership styles (democratic and situational), and through group discussions, explores the ethical and professional integrity of leadership in the 21st century.

Conflict of Interest for Councillors

This one-day workshop identifies the key sections of the Local Government Act 1989 in relation to conflict of interest in councils. It will discuss how to manage an ethical and transparent council, ensuring that decision-making is fair and unbiased, and that good governance principles and practices are embraced. This will support councils to function effectively and in accordance with the Councillor Code of Conduct.