Positive ageing

Local government is heavily invested in positive ageing for all older people.

The MAV is promoting two campaigns for our older residents, Older, Not Alone and EveryAGE Counts. You can read more about each below.

Older, Not Alone – Get Involved

About the Campaign

Communities are grappling with rising costs of living and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, influenza and increased energy costs. This winter, we’re encouraging older Victorians, their neighbours, friends and families to check in on each other and connect with programs, initiatives and events that promote social connection, improve health and well-being and address financial hardship.

Campaign objectives

  • Increase awareness of, and access to, financial supports for energy costs by older Victorians
  • Increase discussion between older people, families, carers and relevant professionals on social isolation
  • Reinforce the importance of informal networks as vital sources of information and support
  • Engage the older Victorians by connecting using the campaign to highlight existing community initiatives and opportunities.

The MAV sees an opportunity to get involved in the campaign by highlighting local supports both council-led and community-run.

How to get involved

COTA Victoria, Seniors Rights Victoria and the MAV will be promoting the campaign over the course of Winter 2023.

Councils can get involved by sharing campaign resources, both digital and hard copy, and using the campaign platform to promote your own council led or supported initiatives locally.

Share the work your council is undertaking to support Older Victorians to age well and connect your community to statewide supports by promoting the campaign.

EveryAGE Counts

Ageism is a problem in our community, it impacts the lives of older people affecting their confidence, quality of life, job prospects, health and control over life decisions and in the extreme is a factor contributing to elder abuse. Ageism impacts on the capacity of older people to participate fully in community life as respected and valued citizens.

The MAV is encouraging councils to become involved in the EveryAGE Counts campaign that aims to reduce ageism in our community. EveryAGE Counts is tackling ageism by shifting social norms and changing the way people think about ageing and older people.

We will be working to encourage elected representatives, directors, managers and staff at councils to commit to addressing ageism using the campaign tools provided by EveryAGE Counts, and taking other actions within their organisations and communities that will help people to better understand the negative impacts of ageism on older people.

Our work seeks to build on this social movement and involve all Victorian councils.


Resources to assist councils with this work are available for council communicators and healthy ageing staff, contact epackham@mav.asn.au to arrange access.

Our advocacy


Email Ellie Packham for further information.