MAV Insurance

Liability mutual insurance

The Liability Mutual Insurance (LMI) scheme delivers a reliable public liability and professional indemnity insurance product to the local government sector, with a focus on working with its members to reduce their risks.

MAV Insurance is not-for-profit and operates solely for the benefit of members.

With more than 20 years of claims data, the MAV Insurance team has extensive knowledge of the risks and exposures facing their members, as well as proven experience managing the type of claims likely to arise. We provide coverage for claims of up to $600m under our public liability and professional indemnity policies.

The team offers additional assistance to help members reduce their exposures, which in turn helps to limit claims and keep premiums down. This includes:

  • free legal advice on potential liability risks
  • tailored risk management services based on detailed knowledge of claims drivers and member risk
  • targeted appraisals and risk management assessments
  • claims management support from a team of specialists
  • best practice forums, MAV Insurance conferences and seminars.

The not-for-profit structure of the LMI scheme means any excess revenue is kept in the fund to help keep premiums down – rather than to pay dividends to shareholders.

Its long-term, established partnerships with highly regarded insurers and reinsurers mean MAV Insurance can protect councils regardless of the economic environment or market conditions.

Membership of the LMI scheme is available to Victorian and Tasmanian councils, water corporations and other local government bodies.

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