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2021-22 Rules Review

A future focused MAV

In November 2021, the MAV Board released a Discussion Paper signalling the start of the review of the MAV’s Rules of Association (the Rules).

This is a significant and one of the more comprehensive reviews of the Rules that the MAV has embarked upon in the last decade.

The MAV Strategy 2021-25 (PDF - 3.47MB) identified the opportunity for the review and its anticipated that the project will be completed over the next 10 months.

The Discussion Paper poses several important considerations for the MAV Board, member councils and key stakeholders including the role of the Board and purpose and operation of State Council.

Flow chart depicting the decision making journey in the Rules Review

The project will be undertaken in stages. Starting with the release of the Discussion Paper; there will be opportunities for submissions and stakeholder engagement; then formulation of a Directions Paper and seeking further stakeholder feedback on proposed changes.

The MAV Board will then consider and endorse the proposed direction for the draft Rules.

Any changes to the Rules will ultimately be determined by State Council where 60 per cent of MAV Representatives must vote in favour of any proposed amendments.

The Governor In Council must also approve the changes.

A governance structure has been established to facilitate the management of the project, which includes the appointment of a Board Steering Committee and a MAV Officer Working Group.

The MAV Board has appointed well-regarded local government expert Mr. Phil Shanahan as the consultant to conduct the review and, Capire Consulting Group, to oversee the engagement activities that will inform the review.

Mr. Mark Hayes, Partner Public Law at Maddocks Lawyers, has been engaged to provide advice regarding the project and the drafting of the new Rules.

Discussion Paper submissions

Persons and organisations intending to make a response to the Discussion Paper should do so by close of business on Monday 28 February 2022.

To assist in receiving your response, please complete the electronic survey form (refer related links below). Note, the survey contains all questions in the discussion paper. Not all questions must be answered. The survey can be exited and re-entered later to finalise before submitting. Long or short form submissions can be lodged via the survey link or by email to

All submissions will be published in full or in summary form as appropriate on the MAV’s website, unless the person making the submission indicates otherwise.

The MAV may remove identifying information from submissions published.

Submissions that contain offensive or defamatory comments, or which are outside the scope of the review of the Rules will not be published.

Submissions made will be treated in accordance with the MAV’s Information Privacy Policy.

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