2021-22 Rules Review

A future focused MAV

In November 2021, the MAV Board released a Discussion Paper signalling the start of the review of the MAV’s Rules of Association (the Rules).

This is a significant and one of the more comprehensive reviews of the Rules that the MAV has embarked upon in the last decade.

A graphic showing the timelines for the Rules Review

The review of the Rules is being undertaken in phases. The project commenced with the release of the Discussion Paper in November 2021. In April 2022 the Directions Paper which is designed to clarify the kind of Rule changes contemplated was released; consultation and engagement is a feature of this project with round table discussions being held at the Discussion Paper and Direction Paper stages. Written submission were also received from our Members and other stakeholders in response to both Papers.

At the MAV State Council meeting held in June this year the MAV Representatives provided further guidance to the Board about the proposed Rules.

Changes to the Rules were determined at a Special meeting of State Council on 16 September 2022.

The Governor in Council must also approve the changes.

A governance structure was established to facilitate the management of the project, which included the appointment of a Board Steering Committee and a MAV Officer Working Group.

The MAV Board appointed well-regarded local government expert Mr. Phil Shanahan as the consultant to conduct the review and, Capire Consulting Group, to oversee the engagement activities that will inform the review.

Mr. Mark Hayes, Partner Public Law at Maddocks Lawyers, was engaged to provide advice regarding the project and to draft of the new Rules.

MAV Rules 2022

The new MAV Rules commenced on publication in the Victoria Government Gazette on 20 October 2022 and can be accessed here.

Directions Paper - Submissions received

The Directions Paper was released on 7 April 2022 with submissions closing on 30 May 2022. During this period we again conducted a series of round table discussions with MAV representatives, Mayors, Councillors, CEOs and governance officers where we discussed the main proposals in the Directions Paper.

The MAV again expresses its appreciation to all who made submissions and participated in the round table discussions.

Discussion Paper - Submissions received

The Discussion Paper was released on 22 November 2021 with submissions closing on 28 February 2022. During this period we also conducted several round table discussions with Councils, Mayors, Councillors, CEOs and governance officers to generate conversations about possible Rules changes.

The MAV expresses its appreciation to all those who made submissions and participated in the consultation forums. Your contributions have assisted greatly in informing the Directions Paper.