MAV Panels

MAV Procurement has created panels for the supply of a wide range of goods and services that meet the needs of our member councils.

There are many benefits for councils who purchase using a MAV Procurement panel arrangement, these include:

  • Better value for money, offering member councils a competitive advantage through the combined purchasing power of the Victorian local government sector (and, in some cases, the National Procurement Network).
  • MAV Procurement has run a comprehensive public tender process and established the contract, saving individual councils the time and expense of running separate processes.
  • Social and ethical procurement practices are embedded within all MAV Procurement processes.
  • Convenient, simple online access to the full range of MAV panel contracts, supporting documents and suppliers via VendorPanel.
  • Expert guidance, professional development support and resources available throughout the procurement and contract management cycle, via the MAV Procurement team.
  • MAV Procurement releases tender materials and receives tender submissions through the APET360 portal. Please sign in or register to view tenders.

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