Best practice guidelines

The proposed Local Government Bill envisages the development of a number of “best practice guidelines” to supplement provisions of the new Act and regulations.

We will work with LGV on the development of these guidelines.

Council plan good practice guide

Councils must develop a council plan that reflects their priorities and vision for the community within eight months of a council election. An early challenge for councillors is to seek agreement as to the priorities for their council plan over the coming four years.

The council plan good practice guide (Word - 1.78MB) provides guidance to councillors and contains information on:

  • the purpose of the council plan
  • the suggested framework and structure
  • linkages
  • definitions
  • principles.

It is not intended to be a universal approach as every council will have variations as to layout and content. The practice guide was last updated in the lead up to the October 2016 council elections.

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