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About MAV Insurance

MAV Insurance was established in 1993 to provide policies to councils that couldn’t find appropriate coverage after the collapse of Municipal Mutual in 1992.

Policies are tailored for local authorities. All profits are kept in the fund for the benefit of our 130 members, who also own and manage MAV Insurance.

MAV Insurance committee

The MAV Insurance committee oversees MAV Insurance’s operations. Committee members are appointed by the MAV Board from the insurance industry and local government.

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MAV Insurance benefits

MAV Insurance provides a range of benefits to members that aren’t available with traditional insurance providers.

Tailored insurance cover

Our insurance cover is designed to specifically meet the needs of local government and other authorities.

Guaranteed availability

Liability insurance is guaranteed, regardless of changes or collapses in the insurance market.

Risk management services

Targeted risk appraisals, risk management assessments every two years for all members and regular best-practice forums and manuals are part of our risk management services.

Legal services

Legal services are provided by expert insurance and risk solicitors at no additional cost to members. This includes advice on actual and potential liability issues and contractual issues that may refer liability to the member.

Specialised claims management

Our claims management is balanced between member input and legal support for every claim.

Member participation

We encourage member participation in the investigation, analysis, mediation and settlement of claims.

Quick investigation of claims

To assess the legitimacy and extent of any liability and to resolve claims on the best terms possible, we investigate claims as quickly as possible.

Protection against collapse

Members are protected against the collapse of an insurance provider by more than 15 international reinsurers. Our members will always have appropriate and affordable insurance cover.

Retention of all profits

All profits are retained for members’ benefit.

Ongoing advocacy

We advocate on insurance matters with the Australian and Victorian Governments, and regulators.

Engage with us

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