Diversity on the up in Victorian councils

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The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) extends its congratulations to all of the successful candidates in the 2020 council elections.

With election results now confirmed by the Victorian Electoral Commission, we are thrilled to see an increase in the diversity of councillors across the state.

Victoria leads the country in terms of the proportion of female councillors, representing a total of 43.8 per cent of councillors. This is a marked increase from our previous high of 38 per cent.

We welcome the election of six councillors who identify as having Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. Aboriginal Victorians taking on leadership roles in their local communities is vital to building stronger connections and embedding their needs and aspirations into the critical work and functioning of local government.

This year, there are at least 28 openly LGBTIQ+ candidates elected to 20 local councils across the state – a positive and significant increase from the 11 candidates at the 2016 elections.

Around half of the successful candidates were newly elected.

MAV CEO Kerry Thompson said that the election results show that communities around Victoria recognise the importance of having elected representatives that reflect the diversity of the communities they represent.

“In a challenging year, it is a credit to all Victorians that there is such a significant increase in the diversity of successful candidates.

"Local government will be at the forefront of the social and economic recovery from COVID-19 so it is important that we have councillors who understand the different challenges and opportunities within their municipalities.

“With around 50 per cent of successful candidates new councillors and the other 50 per cent re-elected, we should see a good balance of fresh ideas and steady hands.

“As the peak body for local government in Victoria, we look forward to working with and supporting our 79 member councils in what is sure to be a big four years ahead.”

For further information, contact the MAV Communications Unit on (03) 9667 5590.