A great day to #lovekinder

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Life can be unpredictable even when you’re four years old, so the announcement of a more-sustainable state and federal preschool funding agreement is wonderful news for young families and their communities across the state.

As a consistent advocate and supporter of the councils who deliver kinder programs, the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) was also thrilled to hear the news.

MAV put its weight behind the “I Love Kinder” campaign, which has long called for funding certainty in the sector and today’s announcement is a terrific step forward on that front.

MAV President Cr David Clark said the funding agreement would benefit around 330,000 Victorian children over the next four years.

“This more stable approach to funding provides certainty for young families. It means our councils – who provide kinder services – can conduct longer-term planning and deliver optimal services and support,” Cr Clark said.

“The benefits of kinder last a lifetime. All Victorian children deserve quality early education to give them the best start in life. We know kinder kids enjoy happier school transition and do better academically.”

“MAV is proud to have advocated hard to secure this funding and today’s announcement is welcome move away from the short-term approach that has dominated the past 10 years of kinder funding.”

Providing certainty for the next four years, the agreement confirms up to $514 million of Commonwealth funding for Four-Year-Old Kindergarten in Victoria for 2022-25, bringing the total preschool funding to $2.3 billion across the life of the agreement.

For further information, contact the MAV Strategic Communications team on (03) 9667 5590.