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Regular review into the ongoing impact of rate capping welcome

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The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) welcomes six monthly reviews into the ongoing impact any rate capping measure will have on council operations, services and infrastructure, as well as the local communities they serve.

The Legislative Council has agreed the Environment and Planning Committee should undertake the regular reviews as part of its oversight of local government.

The MAV President, Cr Bill McArthur said such a review would effectively hold the proposed rate capping model to account and clearly demonstrate any positive or negative impacts.

“Many local councils have already started planning for the introduction of a rate capping model and the potential impact this will have on their day-to-day business, as well as forward planning,” he said.

“Given councils are responsible for delivering more than 100 community services and maintaining local roads and infrastructure, the introduction of any initiative that may impact on their ability to do these things should be closely monitored from the outset.

“A regular review process into the impact rate capping is having on councils and communities will bring a much needed checks and balances process to the new framework.”

The MAV’s rate capping taskforce has made a submission to the Essential Services Commission regarding the proposed framework.

“With rate capping set to be introduced next year the MAV is focused on achieving the most sustainable outcome for the sector and communities who rely on core council services and infrastructure,” he said.

“The introduction of a regular review process into the impact of rate-capping from the outset will clearly establish a benchmark to help determine the success of the initiative into the future.”

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For further information contact MAV President Cr Bill McArthur on 0437 984 793 or the MAV Communications Unit on (03) 9667 5521.