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VAGO to investigate landfill levy

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Following extensive lobbying by councils and the MAV, the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office plans to assess whether the landfill levy system is being managed transparently and is meeting its intended legislative objectives.

VAGO’s Annual Work Plan for 2017-18 shows it aims to determine whether Victoria’s landfill levy system — including the Sustainability Fund — is reducing waste impacts on the environment, influencing investment in infrastructure for resource recovery, and encouraging innovative alternatives for waste treatment.

The plan states that “there have been ongoing issues with the landfill levy system — namely, its transparency and management and whether the funds’ expenditure is meeting the system’s intended legislative purposes.

The MAV and councils have been advocating for changes to the way the landfill levy and Sustainability Fund are spent, including a State Council resolution, MAV press release and video.

VAGO’s Annual Work Plan includes a range of other audits affecting local government during 2017-2020, including:

  • Local government and economic development
  • Local government insurance risks
  • Delivering local government services
  • Developer and infrastructure contributions.

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