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Kinder funding campaign

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The MAV is increasing its advocacy efforts to ensure the Federal Government includes its share of funding for 15 hours kindergarten in the 2017/18 May Budget.

Our campaign also seeks that the funding is enduring, linked to CPI and growth, and ends the Commonwealth's time-limited National Partnership Agreements.

We have written to party leaders and the Prime Minister, and we urge councils to do the same. We have an updated Members Brief (Word - 250KB) and a Mayor’s Template Letter (Word - 27.0KB) to assist councils in their advocacy efforts.

The Federal Government’s current commitment of an estimated $300 million nationally for 2016/2017 (estimated to be $73 million to Victoria) through the latest National Partnership Agreement expires in December 2017.

Continual short-term funding arrangements make it difficult for governments, preschool services and families to plan as they continue to face uncertainty about the cost and availability of preschool beyond 2017.

Given this is a crucial period leading up to the Budget that will determine funding for the Commonwealth’s share of 15 hours, urgent advocacy is needed.

For further information contact Jan Barrett.