Rules Part 5 – Management of the Association

33 Chief Executive Officer

33.1 The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association and for providing strategic advice to the Board.

33.2 The Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Board.

33.3 The Chief Executive Officer may attend and participate in any meeting of the Board, as required.

33.4 The Board may, by instrument, delegate to the Chief Executive Officer any power or function of the Board, including this power of delegation.

33.5 The Board must review the delegation or delegations to the Chief Executive Officer within six (6) months of the first of its meetings held after an MAV Election Day.

33.6 The Board must develop, adopt and keep current a Chief Executive Officer Employment and Remuneration Policy which provides for:

33.6.1 the process for recruiting and appointing the Chief Executive Officer;

33.6.2 provisions which must appear in the contract of employment under which the Chief Executive Officer is employed;

33.6.3 performance monitoring; and

33.6.4 an annual review of the Chief Executive Officer’s performance.