Tips on how to reduce your environmental impact

Victorians are great recyclers and we don't want that to change. Here are a few ideas on how you can help as we work to rebuild our recycling system.


The best thing we can do is avoid waste. Shop smart – only purchase products you need. Choose items that are packaging-free or have minimal packaging. Buy recycled.


Reuse what you can. Glass jars make great storage. Donate items that are in good condition. Buy second-hand.


See unnecessary packaging on a product? Tag the producer on social media and ask them to reduce their waste.


Confused about what goes in your kerbside recycling?

Check your council website. As a general guide:

YES: Paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass or plastic bottles and containers

NO: Polystyrene, soft plastics (like shopping bags), food, clothing, large metal items, batteries, electronic goods, nappies