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State Election 2018

Campaign objective

Victorian councils have identified 42 priority commitments sought from all political parties contesting the state election in November to help build the economy and improve Victoria’s liveability.

The priority policy changes and funding requests identified by local government will help to achieve seven goals:

  1. Share Victoria’s population growth
  2. Transform local service delivery
  3. Improve liveability
  4. Support resilient and cohesive communities
  5. Provide fair and equal opportunities for all
  6. Maintain and improve assets for the future
  7. Sustain our natural resources.

Our Call to Parties outlines each of the commitments sought by local government, and why they are needed to provide better outcomes for Victorian communities.

Our advocacy

A written response to our Call to Parties will be requested on behalf of local government from each political party prior to the November state election.

Party responses will be published on our campaign page, so councils and communities can identify the candidates that best share their priorities for Victoria’s future.

Key commitments sought include:

  • Develop a population strategy to 2050 to guide long-term outcomes for our regions and reduce the impacts of Melbourne’s population growth
  • Provide adequate community services and local infrastructure where and when people need them
  • Assist with digital transformation to enable shared service delivery and cost savings for communities
  • Adopt a comprehensive Environmentally Sustainable Development planning policy to improve the sustainability and liveability of all buildings
  • Develop and deliver an integrated transport strategy for Victoria, including a freight plan and long-term targets for public transport, active transport and car transport
  • Invest to develop and upgrade sporting and aquatics facilities to cater for the needs of diverse communities, including female focused sports
  • Increase public and social housing to address our growing rates of homelessness
  • Invest accumulated landfill levies to support development and expansion of the recycling and resource recovery industry.

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