Becoming a preferred supplier

How do I become an MAV preferred supplier?

All MAV and National Procurement Network preferred suppliers have been successfully appointed in a public tender process. We advertise all tenders through Tenderlink and in the Herald Sun.

Register on Tenderlink to be notified about an MAV tender that is applicable to your business.

MAV Procurement goes to tender on behalf of Victorian local government when there is a need for particular goods and services, and a sector-wide contract would drive savings for councils.

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Do councils have to use MAV Procurement contracts?

In 2014 MAV Procurement was provided Ministerial approval under s186 of the Local Government Act 1989, allowing all councils to access any MAV contract without the requirement to appoint MAV as tendering agent.

The approval applies to all contacts, even those executed prior to the Ministerial Approval.

It is not compulsory for councils to use MAV Procurement contracts, however there is significant direct and indirect cost savings in doing so.

Signing up to MAV Procurement contracts means councils can access discounted rates without the need to go to public tender and undertake ongoing management of the contract. The decision about whether to use particular contracts/suppliers is ultimately up to the council.

What is the tender process?

  • Step 1: Identify opportunity
  • Step 2: Send agency appointment to councils
  • Step 3: Develop the procurement plan
  • Step 4: Prepare draft tender documents
  • Step 5: Distribute draft documents to councils for review
  • Step 6: Notify the market about the procurement
  • Step 7: Evaluate tender submissions
  • Step 8: Select successful suppliers
  • Step 9: Manage the contract.

How do councils determine what products or services go to tender?

Councils must undertake a public tender process if the provision of goods and services exceed $150,000 over a contract term.

In most cases councils will not need to go to public tender if they choose to access an MAV contract, resulting in significant time and cost savings. However councils must ensure that when doing so, they comply with their own individual procurement policies.

How are tenders evaluated?

Our tenders are evaluated by council officers who work in the area relevant to the tender. This allows those buying the goods or services to determine the outcome. We are committed to conducting all processes in a transparent manner. Having council staff involved in the tender process ensures probity and good governance.

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