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COVID-19 updates

Child Development Information System (CDIS)

This site contains limited information in regards to CDIS – currently available are the CDIS tutorials for training of the MCH sector in the changes to CDIS. For all other information please refer to the Department of Health.

MCH Qualification Flowchart

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MCH Clinical Practice Videos

COVID-19 caused MCH postgraduate student placements to be significantly postponed and reduced the opportunity for students to attend clinical placement. Clinicians needed to adapt to a telehealth model, with little preparation or training.

Due to feedback from the MCH sector and the universities, the Department of Health and MAV developed a series of practice-based clinical skill videos to provide both MCH postgraduate students and clinicians with the opportunity to view a series of consultations and assessments.

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Aspiring MCH students

Information about MCH Scholarship Applications for 2022 is available below:

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KAS Visit Links

Please access these links via this page on The Better Health Channel.

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