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Child Development Information System (CDIS)

This site contains limited information in regards to CDIS – currently available are the CDIS tutorials for training of the MCH sector in the changes to CDIS. For all other information please refer to the Department of Health & Human Services website.

MCH Qualification Flowchart

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MCH Clinical Practice Videos

COVID-19 caused MCH postgraduate student placements to be significantly postponed and reduced the opportunity for students to attend clinical placement. Clinicians needed to adapt to a telehealth model, with little preparation or training.

Due to feedback from the MCH sector and the universities, the Department of Health and MAV developed a series of practice-based clinical skill videos to provide both MCH postgraduate students and clinicians with the opportunity to view a series of consultations and assessments.

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Aspiring MCH students

Information about MCH Scholarship Applications for 2022 is available below:

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KAS Visit Links

Please access these links via this page on The Better Health Channel.

Other resources