Diversity & inclusion

There are many reasons to support and celebrate a municipality’s diversity; such as increased social cohesion and sense of belonging, a stronger economy, vibrant arts and culture, and overall community wellbeing.

There are also legislative reasons in both the Local Government Act 1989 and Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights, which is why diversity and inclusion is a key issue for the MAV.

MAV Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement

At the October 2017 State Council meeting, we passed a resolution to adopt a policy statement in support of marriage equality as a human right, and to affirm our support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community. In February 2018, our Board endorsed the MAV Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement

MAV Statement of Commitment to Cultural Diversity

The cultural diversity of Victorian municipalities is ever-increasing, adding great benefit and reinforcing the need for culturally-inclusive policy and services. Along with our Statement of Commitment to Cultural Diversity (Word - 532KB), our current priorities include regional settlement and local government responses to extremism. Read more about our work in Cultural Diversity.

MAV supports the work of the Welcoming Cities initiative

The Welcoming Cities initiative is now 34 members strong; this represents nearly 20% of the Australian population. With 15 members in Victoria, there is a growing culture and policy environment that makes it possible for people of all backgrounds to feel valued and to fully participate in social, civic, and economic life.

Welcoming Cities launched a new membership and accreditation model in April 2019. The new model introduces a premium level of membership which includes benefits such as access to all four accreditation tiers. Achievement of accreditation demonstrates a clear commitment of the member Council to be a leader in upholding best practice for welcoming and inclusive communities. For more information visit Welcoming Cities

Current priorities

Aged Care Sector Diversity Support and Development

We support the capacity of Victorian councils to meet the needs of diverse Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home and Community Care Program for Young People (HACC PYP) clients. For details, read about our work in Diversity in Community Care.

Our support efforts are currently focused on:

  • Visiting individual councils to advise on any challenges, gather best practice and discuss the development of diversity plans
  • Veterans, care-leavers (those who experienced institutional care), people with mental health problems, and parents separated from their children by forced adoption or removal
  • Enhancing the use of access and support services.


Social Cohesion in Practice Portal

Our Social Cohesion in Practice Portal allows councils to browse the work that other Victorian councils are doing around social cohesion, which often involves a focus on diverse groups (most commonly multicultural communities). It also allows councils to easily showcase their own projects.

Diversity in Community Care

A range of resources are available under Diversity in Community Care to help build councils’ capacity to meet the needs of community care clients belonging to one or more 12 diversity special needs groups.

Cultural Diversity

Various resources specific to meeting the needs of culturally diverse residents (not just community care clients) is available on our Cultural Diversity page, including our Statement of Commitment to Cultural Diversity (Word - 532KB) and presentations from past events.

Further information

Engage with us

Multicultural eNetwork

This eNetwork keeps Victorian council staff up to date on matters relating to cultural diversity across all council areas. It includes the Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network (VLGMIN). For details, read about our work in Cultural Diversity.

For more information please email: humanservices@mav.asn.au