Council-produced resources

Below is a collection of council policies, plans and strategies, addressing the prevention of violence against women and gender inequity.

For examples of promising practice in prevention of violence against women and the promotion of gender equality within local government, please visit the promising practice portal.

For access to the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans (2017-2021), visit our Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plans. In accordance with Recommendation 94 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, councils are now required to report on measures they propose to rake to reduce family violence and respond to the needs of victims in either their Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan or Council Plan.

If your council has any policies, plans, strategies, or initiatives you wish to share, please email

Council strategies and plans

Brimbank City CouncilFairness, Equality and Respect Strategy 2019 – 2023 (HTML)
Darebin City Council
Darebin Women’s Equity Strategy 2011-2015 (PDF - 2.50MB)
Gender Equity and Preventing Violence Against Women Action Plan 2019-2023 (PDF - 809KB)
Gender Equity and Preventing Violence Against Women Action Plan 2019-2023: Appendices (PDF - 359KB)
Leisure Strategy 2010-2020 (PDF - 6.9MB)
Greater Bendigo City CouncilGreater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity Leadership Statement (PDF - 1.57MB)
Greater Bendigo Coalition Gender Equity Strategy 2020-2025 (PDF - 3.3MB)
Greater Geelong City CouncilBa-Gurrk: Gender Equity Framework 2019 (HTML)
Hobsons Bay City CouncilGender Equity Policy Statement (PDF - 436KB)
Hume City CouncilSafe in Hume - Our Community Safety Plan 2020 - 2022
Macedon Ranges Shire CouncilMacedon Ranges Shire Council Prevention of Violence Against Women in Emergencies Action Plan 2018-19
Manningham City CouncilAccess Equity and Diversity Strategy 2014-2017 (PDF - 1.83MB)
Prevention of Violence Against Women Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2017 (PDF - 820KB)
Melbourne City CouncilWe Need to Talk: Preventing Violence Against Women Strategy (PDF - 3.75MB)
Melton City CouncilEquality and Respect 2030 Strategy (PDF - 6.5MB)
Mildura Rural City CouncilFamily and Domestic Violence Policy (Word - 311KB)
Gender Equity Policy (Word - 322KB)
Monash City CouncilMonash City Council Gender Equity and Generating Equality and Respect Program Home Page (HTML)
Monash City Council Gender Equity Strategy and Action Plan (HTML)
Moreland City CouncilMoreland Gender Equality Commitment Statement (PDF - 701KB)
Mount Alexander Shire CouncilMount Alexander Shire Council Gender Equity Statement (PDF - 47KB)
Action Plan for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children (PDF - 292KB)
Nillumbik Shire CouncilGender Equity Policy Statement 2018 (PDF - 110KB)
Port Phillip City CouncilCity of Port Phillip Family Violence Commitment Statement (PDF - 186KB)
Whittlesea City Council
Equal and Safe Strategy (PDF - 2.1MB)
Wodonga City CouncilNo One Left Behind: Safety, Inclusion, and Equity Strategy (PDF - 2.17MB)
Yarra City CouncilGender Equity Strategy 2016-2021 (PDF - 1.28MB)

Council tools and initiatives

Ballarat City CouncilBreaking The Silence info card (PDF - 784KB)
Active Women and Girls Strategy 2018 (PDF - 10.8MB)
Casey City CouncilFamily Violence during COVID 19: Guide for Supervisors, Leaders and staff supporting employees (Word - 59KB)
Family Violence during COVID 19: Support for Staff (Word - 37KB)
Gender Analysis COVID19 people and culture - Casey (Word - 32KB)
Gender and COVID19 Checklist FINAL - Casey (Word - 39KB)
Responding to Disclosures - front line workers Covid 19 (FINAL 28 Mar 20) Casey (Word - 49KB)
Casey City Council, Cardinia Shire Council and Greater Dandenong City CouncilThe South East Metropolitan Sub Regional Accord to Prevent Men's Violence Against Women (HTML)
Casey City Council, Cardinia Shire Council and Greater Dandenong City CouncilInterfaith Collaboration on Preventing Family Violence (HTML)
Greater Dandenong City CouncilGender Equity Statistics (HTML)
Greater Geelong City CouncilFamily violence initiatives (HTML)
Kingston City CouncilPrevention of Family Violence (HTML)
Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council and Yarra Ranges Shire CouncilA Gender Lens for Leisure – Final report (PDF - 5MB)
Macedon Ranges Shire CouncilPrevention of Violence Against Women (HTML)
Maribyrnong City CouncilMaribyrnong Respect and Equity: Preventing Violence Against Women – Guide for Local Government (PDF - 2.37MB)
Melbourne City CouncilBuilding Children's Resilience Pilot Project Report (HTML)
Mildura Rural City CouncilFamily Violence Resource Kit for employees of Mildura Rural City Council (PDF - 121KB)
Monash City CouncilChildren's Picture Books Promoting Gender Equality & Challenging Gender Stereotypes Booklist (PDF – 2.48MB)
Children's Picture Books Promoting Gender Equality & Challenging Gender Stereotypes Poster (PDF – 708KB)
Gender Equity Survey – Community Groups (PDF - 183KB)
Gender Equity Survey – General Community Members (PDF - 143KB)
Gender Equity Survey – Internal Council Staff (PDF - 306KB)
Moreland City CouncilMoreland City Council's Statement of Commitment to Women (PDF - 76KB)
Mount Alexander Shire CouncilBreaking the Silence card (PDF - 784KB)
Whitehorse City CouncilLocal Government and Community Settings: Practice in the Prevention of Violence Against Women (PDF - 1.5MB)
Yarra Ranges Shire CouncilFact Sheet - Family Violence YRC Employees Emergencies COVID-19 (PDF - 124KB)
Yarra Ranges Council Leaders Guide to Disclosures of Family Violence for Covid-19 (Word - 173KB)